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DONBAR Installation Instructions ~

The DONBAR must be anchored securely to Zero-Turn mower foot plate. The DONBAR is mounted with four bolts passing through the DONBAR mounting bracket and then passing through four existing holes in the Zero-Turn mower foot plate. The DONBAR is secured with a locking nut on each of the four bolts.

1. Each brand of Zero-Turn lawn mower has a unique style of floor board that may or may not have an array of holes existing. Check and see if any or all of these holes may match with the
DONBAR mounting bracket holes.
If so utilize the holes that do match
and drill the remaining holes to complete the preparation for mounting the DONBAR to the floor plate.

2. Place a 5/16th flat washer
on each of the four 5/16th bolts.

3. Place the four 5/16th bolts with the flat washers through the mounting holes in the DONBAR base plate.

4. Lower the DONBAR base plate onto the Zero-Turn foot plate with the four 5/16th bolt passing through matching holes in the foot plate.

DB Mower Mounting Template

  DONBAR Assist Bar Installation Instructions
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