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When our dad (Don) wanted something to help him get on and off his Zero-Turn lawn mower, we developed the DONBAR.

Dad used the DONBAR and we noticed it was a good idea that works for everyone.

The DONBAR is now being offered to others as an easy way to get on and off Zero-Turn lawn mowers.

DONBAR is particularly beneficial to people with physical challenges such as lower/upper extremity, strength/endurance and back impairments.


Designed as an assistive aid for persons who have balance/stability issues, this Zero-Turn Mower Support Arm (called the DONBAR) provides a needed extra point of contact when one climbs on/off their mower or shifts from a sitting to a standing position.
The device mounts on the foot plate
of a Zero-Turn (using the plate's existing holes) and is secured by
lock-nuts to resist loosening caused by vibration and torque.

Easy Standup

It’s helpful to have something sturdy
to hold onto while we straighten our legs for standing on the foot plate.

When standing up from the chair on
the Zero-Turn mower, it’s good to
be able to hold onto a steady object. When we get off the chair on the
Zero-Turn, we move to the edge of
the chair and place our feet in front
of us, firmly and flat on the foot plate.

That is when we grab the DONBAR for an easier and more secure shift from
a sitting position to a standing position.

Easy On

With the additional stability of the DONBAR, it is easier to climb the height of the single step onto the Zero-Turn lawn mower. The DONBAR helps with climbing stability when you shift your
weight from two legs onto one leg.

The DONBAR is designed to be grasped by one hand before
lifting one foot off the ground and onto the foot plate of the Zero-Turn mower and then lifting the other foot onto the Zero-Turn footplate.

Easy Off

Working similar to a handrail, the DONBAR acts as a balancing mechanism while stepping down from the Zero-Turn foot plate and on to the ground.
    DONBAR - Get On and Off Zero-Turn Lawn Mower

Balance and Stability

The DONBAR is something to hold onto for better balance when climbing on and off of a Zero-Turn lawn mower.

The DONBAR works just like a handrail. After sitting on the Zero-Turn mower for long periods of cutting and riding, having two feet on the foot plate and one hand on the DONBAR makes it easier to standup. This is three points of contact, and it happens when you’re getting up from the Zero-Turn mower with a DONBAR. As you’re getting on a Zero-Turn mower, you’re balancing one foot. This is one point of contact.

Again, the DONBAR is something to hold onto for better balance when getting on the Zero-Turn mower.
It just makes good sense that two points of contact are better for balance and stability than one point
of contact.

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